St Frank Coffee: Las Nubes, Honduras

A good friend brought me a bag of coffee grown at Honduras. Las Nubes is the coffee name and the actual lot cared for by its excellent grower, Alexi Moreno.

More on the coffee:

I found Las Nubes to be delightfully bright, with clear citrus flavors and a playful aftertaste that reminded me of a woody aroma. (I don’t have a sophisticated palate so maybe I was just imagining the aftertaste, but I consistently detected it). Its official description is “sweet and savory like red berries and passion fruit.”

St Frank is a San Francisco coffee shop that cultivates direct relations with coffee growers. It’s heartwarming to see shops with such ethical practices taking root. I hope to visit St Frank in 2016, an occasion that will certainly warrant many photos and entries on this site.

May your day be filled with the warmth of friends, family, and very good coffee.

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