Coffee Love And What it Can Teach Us About Photography (And Life!)

I’d like to start with an old article I wrote on coffee love and photography.


1. In coffee, and photography, magic happens when the right elements come together. It is a magical moment when the right bean, roast, grind, and extraction method combine. The result is a perfect cup of coffee, subjective as that may be. Coffee- like photography- is what you make of it, after all.

2. Coffee is as unique as you are. Your preferences are like a thumb marks. I personally love single-origin beans (Mt. Apo or Benguet, please), light to medium roasts, the french press, and a double-walled glass. As with photography, no person will brew and love coffee the exact same way as the next. It is a faceted pursuit.

3. A good attitude enhances learning. Coffee is a journey and its preparation is an expressive art.  It’s incredibly fun to grow in coffee knowledge and in execution, but we must remain humble, avoiding the know-it-all attitude that gets in the way of…

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